Our Standard Size Solarium Models

Uncompromising quality solariums

Zytco‘s standard size solariums are appealing alternatives for the discerning buyer. Available in a choice of almost limitless sizes, these solariums offer uncompromising quality at a highly accessible price. The quality of the finish will attract glowing comments from your visitors as it has nothing to envy from the most expensive solariums.

This extension of your home will be your pride!

  • Engineer-approved aluminum structure to withstand the weight of snow in Quebec
  • Tempered and tinted safety glass throughout
  • High-quality door and window with screens
  • Choice of colors available
Accessibility + Quality

Choice of 3 standard solarium styles

At Zytco, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of standard solarium models, each providing unique aesthetics and functionality to meet various needs and preferences. Our standard solariums are designed to bring light, comfort, and distinctive style to your home.





  • The most economical
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for low height situations


  • Innovative style
  • Easy installation


  • Majestic design
  • Abundant brightness
  • Ideal for large rooms

Solarium Models

The 3-season solarium offers a living space for enjoying the beautiful days of spring, autumn, summer and sometimes winter. It can also be used as a play area for your children or a place to garden at your leisure. Better than a canopy or a canvas awning, the solarium effectively protects you from bad weather. On hot days, use screened windows and doors to let in the breeze. In cooler weather, the fully glazed solarium keeps the room comfortable while letting in the warm rays of the sun.

Solarium models

The Zytco 4-season solarium is a true extension of your home, offering year-round comfort and use.

With its insulated structure and glazing, the solarium maintains a constant, pleasant temperature. A suitable heating and air conditioning system will allow you to enjoy it regardless of the weather conditions outside.

It’s the perfect space to relax, meditate, or even work, while staying connected to nature. The large windows offer a breathtaking view of your garden or the surrounding landscape, transforming your solarium into a true haven of peace.

Installing your solarium

Solariums Zytco Ltée and its team of installers guarantee an expert installation of your solarium. Each installer, specializing in personalized and high-end projects, brings unparalleled precision and professionalism to all phases of the installation. Their proven experience and commitment to excellence ensure full satisfaction to all our customers.

ZYTCO, the choice
of architects
and professionals

With Zytco‘s high-end solariums, nature invites itself inside, but leave the inconveniences outside: no mosquitoes, no wind, no cold, no water. Only the good sides, all year round.

Whether you are thinking of a 3 or a 4-season solarium, we work with superior quality materials.

Zytco also offers a maintenance service to keep your solarium as long as possible.