Residential garden greenhouse Freshness and autonomy at home

Savor the joy of growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables with our residential greenhouse structures. Carefully crafted, our greenhouses are spaces adjacent to your home that allow you to garden year-round. This space is part of a sustainable and ecological approach, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the unrivalled freshness of produce picked right in your own backyard.

Culture + Innovation

Grow your dreams with a garden greenhouse

Having a high-performance Zytco greenhouse structure means choosing an innovation that respects the aesthetics of your living space while offering exceptional functionality. Our greenhouse structures are custom designed to fit perfectly into your environment, whether you are an amateur or experienced gardener. They represent the perfect symbiosis between modern technology and gardening tradition.


A solid and aesthetically pleasing structure

Our residential greenhouses combine a robust design combined with elegance thanks to an enameled aluminum structure, available in white or sand. Beyond its solidity, this structure is a real aesthetic asset for your exterior compared to models from big-box retailers. Not only does it effectively support your winter garden, but it also beautifies your outdoor space, bringing undeniable added value to your property.

Harvest your fresh vegetables in any season

Thanks to our garden greenhouse structures, benefit from optimal space to grow and harvest your fresh vegetables all year round. Regulated indoor conditions ensure healthy and regular growth of your plants, thus guaranteeing abundant and tasty harvests.

Models for every need

We offer a range of garden greenhouse structures, each designed to meet specific needs. Whether you want to start a small vegetable garden or undertake a larger production, our greenhouse structure models adapt to your ambitions! The innovation of our greenhouses guarantees easy use and exceptional performance, whatever model you choose.


A residential greenhouse, an ecological and economical option

Turning towards self-sufficiency through a residential greenhouse represents a great step towards the environment. In addition to enjoying chemical-free vegetables, you are helping to reduce waste and support more sustainable agriculture. It’s an investment that pays off, literally and figuratively, by offering tangible benefits for your health and your wallet.

Entrust us with your structure to carry out your greenhouse project

With its expertise, the Zytco team is committed to supporting you in starting your residential greenhouse project. We offer a personalized service, ranging from the analysis of your needs to the installation carried out according to the rules of the art. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we do everything we can to ensure that your greenhouse becomes a living space where nature, well-being and productivity meet harmoniously.