Commercial atrium Make a good impression with natural lighting!

Making a good first impression is essential for anyone in business. Isn’t that what every commercial establishment strives to do, whether it’s a restaurant, a bank, a hotel, a condo tower, a professional services office, etc.? Zytco solariums definitely have the touch to help you make that important first impression.

Elegance + Expertise

Maximize your impact with a commercial solarium

The commercial applications of the Zytco solarium are virtually endless. Attracting customers to a restaurant, tenants to an office building, or increasing traffic to your business, these are the kinds of results that can be achieved with the countless applications of the solarium. If you operate in a competitive market, this is a wonderful way to stand out and increase your business volume!


solarium options

At Zytco, we understand that every commercial space is unique and requires a personalized approach. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to personalize your commercial solarium, ensuring it perfectly meets your specific needs and aesthetic vision.


Sun-block roof shades for solar control: exclusive to Zytco


Stained glass windows for transoms




Spandrel panels

Installation of commercial solarium

Solariums Zytco Ltée and its network of retailers can install your new acquisition. Our installers, experts in carrying out high-end and tailor-made projects, bring their expertise and attention to detail at each stage of the process. Their proven experience and commitment to quality guarantee total satisfaction for all our customers.

Entrust us with your
atrium project

Give your space a dramatic transformation with a Zytco commercial solarium.

Designed for demanding professionals, an atrium is more than just a glass structure; it’s a space that brings light, luxury and prestige to your establishment.

Whether for a fine restaurant, an inviting hotel lobby, a reception room or a modern office, our atriums are the key to creating an environment that is both aesthetic and functional.