Complete solarium installation services

At Zytco, we understand the importance of an impeccable and complete installation of your solarium. From the initial design to the installation of your solarium, and even beyond with our after-sales service. Zytco is your preferred partner to ensure the complete success of your project. Whether for the installation of a solarium or for the addition of custom blinds.

Expert in quality
solarium construction
for over 40 years

Our specialist sunroom construction team has advanced expertise, ensuring that every installation is executed with precision. Our professionals master every step of the process, from planning to construction, whether it is a 3-season solarium, a 4-season solarium or a custom model.

At Zytco, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to diverse environments and preferences. Whether you are considering a space for your dining room, a relaxation area or a shelter for your spa, our designs adapt to all types of needs.


Personalized support for the installation of your solarium

Building a solarium is an exciting project but one that can seem complex. Have no fear, the expertise of our team guarantees that your project is in good hands! The know-how of our certified installers and their attention to detail ensures a flawless installation and a high-end finish.

Our commitment is to offer you expertise that specifically meets your needs. We understand the importance of trust and transparency in such a project. This is why we make it a point of honor to listen carefully to your expectations and provide you with personalized recommendations.

Do you have questions about aesthetic appearance, energy performance, building permits or financing options? At Zytco, we understand that decision-making can be difficult, and we’re here to help. Contact us today!

Customized blinds for your Zytco solarium

Every detail counts to make your solarium a unique and comfortable space. This is why we also offer an exclusive custom blinds service with the purchase of your solarium. Our blinds are designed to combine elegance, efficiency in regulating light, and excellent insulation performance.

With a varied range of colors and models, these blinds adapt perfectly to all types of solariums. They are ideal for sloping roof slopes, and even for curved glass on some models. In addition, by choosing our blinds, you benefit from increased winter insulation, reducing heat loss by 25% to 60%.

Make your solarium even more comfortable with our tailor-made blind solutions. Contact us for a free assessment!