About Zytco

The pioneer of the concept of custom-made solariums

Since our foundation in 1981, we have consistently dazzled the market with innovative designs and unparalleled quality. In 1991, the National Housing Show honored our exceptional commitment by awarding us the title of Grand Builder, a recognition of our determination to push the boundaries of excellence.

Our team shares a passion for aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability, and every product we create is a fusion of these values. Our glass living spaces transform the environment, offering a unique experience to our discerning clients.

Today, Solariums Zytco boasts more than 10,000 satisfied customers, an exclusive community comprised of construction entrepreneurs, architects, designers, commercial property owners, and residential clients. Choosing Solariums Zytco means choosing exclusivity, elegance, and excellence.

Discover personalized luxury with Solariums Zytco – where every detail is carefully designed to create an unparalleled experience.

a prestigious product
for prestigious customers

  • Luc Plamondon Artiste
  • Guy Lafleur Hockey Canadien
  • Robert Charlebois Chanteur/Entrepreneur
  • Marcel Gauthier Comédien (Broue)
  • Ronald Corey Hockey Canadien
  • Jacques Lemaire Hockey Canadien
  • Peter Molson Molson
  • David Molson Molson
  • Normand Legault Grand Prix du Canada
  • Claude Rouleau SNC Lavalin
  • Maman Dion Entrepreneur
  • Guy St-Onge Musicien
  • Guy St-Pierre Banque Royale
  • Laurent Lemaire Groupe Cascade
  • Bob Ray Power Corporation
  • Ben Weider Weider
  • Jacques Stikeman Stikeman-Elliot
  • Jacques Francoeur Unimedia
  • M. Gagnon Provigo
  • Michel Auger Sodisco
  • Guy Octau Ango Mode
  • André Charron Lévesque Beaubien
  • Pierre Labadi Ascenseur Labadi
  • Robert Aumont Club Piscine
  • Fahmi Haround Jean-Coutu
  • Chagnon Chagnon International Habitat 67 Fournisseur exclusif
  • André St-Jean Canadian Tire
  • Raymond Gagné Canadian Tire
  • Jean-Guy Roy Canadian Tire
  • St-Hubert Restaurant
  • McDonald Restaurant
  • Tim Horton Restaurant
  • Guy St-Pierre SNC Lavalin
  • Aub. des Gouverneurs.
  • Hôtel Groupe Maltais Dév.
  • Bois-Franc Shauffer-M Décarie Square
  • M. Kuchar Rechochem Hôtel
  • Excelsior Hôtel
  • Buffet Maharadja
  • Restaurant Gosselin
  • Marine Marina Pierre
  • L’espérance Édition de l’homme J-P Normandi Jean Coutu
  • Toyota Canada
  • François Seigneur Effix
  • Adrien Bigras Golf Manoir
  • Vincent Catchatore Fruit Supra
  • Pierre-Luc Van Houtte Directeur
  • et plus.