Glass roof to illuminate your space

Enhance your space with our skylight solutions. Whether to provide abundant natural light or to add a distinct architectural touch, our glass roof options integrate perfectly with all types of architecture. With custom designs, Zytco offers you an elegant and efficient way to bring light into your space.

Light + architechture

A skylight for your interior

Our glass roofs are designed to fit a variety of room shapes and sizes, providing an ideal solution for bringing light into otherwise dark spaces. Whether you prefer a flat or sloped roof, our large skylights provide natural light, transforming the atmosphere of your living space.

Added value for your home

A skylight provides soft, natural light, perfect for a calming atmosphere. You can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of light and relaxation. In your living room, a skylight will open up the space, making it more welcoming and perfect for entertaining guests.


Lighting control and thermal comfort

The type of glass used provides optimal heat management. It minimizes excess heat in summer, while maximizing natural heat in winter. This results in a more comfortable space all year round and savings on your electricity bills. Additionally, our roof windows play a key role in optimizing the energy efficiency of your home, whilst helping to reduce lighting costs.

perfect integration

Personalization and architectural integration of your glass roof

Each glass roofing project is unique. We work closely with you to design a solution that integrates perfectly with the architecture of your building. We’ll take care to respect your personal tastes and the specificities of your structure.


Diversity of styles and dimensions

We offer a variety of styles, from cathedral gable roofs (2-slope) to 4-slope or single slope configurations. Each roof is adapted to the specific architecture of the building. Our tailor-made roof window solutions allow for seamless integration with the existing aesthetic of your home or office.

Tailored solutions for each glass roof project

Our experts are available to create custom glass roofs that precisely meet your needs and preferences. At Zytco, we pay particular attention to the harmony between aesthetics and utility in our glass roofs. Whether your home is modern, traditional in style or somewhere in between, our glass roofs can be designed to enhance the existing aesthetics and brightness of your property.

Innovative combination with curtain wall and roof windows

If you cannot install a solarium due to regulatory constraints, we offer a creative solution: the combination of a glass roof with another of our flagship products, the curtain wall. This innovative approach allows you to transform your space into a bright and airy place, similar to a solarium, while respecting local standards. By pairing roof windows with stylish curtain walls, you create a space that merges the benefits of a sunroom with the necessary architectural conformity. And this, while providing abundant natural light.


With Zytco, a glass roof is not just an addition to your property; it’s a transformation that brings light, style and elegance to your living space. This goes beyond a simple structural improvement; it’s a reinvention of your daily environment, a door open to the sky, creating a harmonious link between your interior and the outside world.

By choosing Zytco for your skylight project, you are opting for exceptional quality and a design that fits naturally into the architecture of your home, while improving your well-being.

Contact us to find out how our glass roof solutions can illuminate and transform your living space.